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Thank you for your continued support of #HowYouDoing. The activities we had planned with workplaces for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 (18-24 May) are on hold due to the coronavirus crisis. 

We welcome the Film & TV Charity’s free and confidential support line which is available 24/7 on 0800 054 0000. Please call no matter what’s on your mind. You can also visit online to live chat or drop someone an email. 

Meanwhile we are campaigning for organisations like the The Film & TV Charity to incorporate #HowYouDoing messaging into their action plans. 

We believe it is just as important for colleagues and employers to be actively checking in with each other, and creating an environment that is about listening, as much as relying on people in crises to speak up. 🙏 

It’s encouraging to see a wider conversation about mental health currently happening in television, and this needs to continue - in the current circumstances it’s more important than ever.

#HowYouDoing - May 2020


What is #HowYouDoing?

In October 2019 we launched a campaign to increase mental health support for freelancers and staff in the TV industry, by asking and answering #HowYouDoing for World Mental Health Day, and getting workplaces to commit to talking to their staff about mental health.

A lot of advice about depression and mental health is to 'talk to someone', but often people don't feel able to — our campaign aims to create workplaces that are listening anyway. 

We're creating #HowYouDoing posters for workplaces to display, and having them regularly contact staff and freelancers to explain why they're up in the office.

* * *

We've received some incredible designs — you can find a selection here. There's no deadline to submit designs, and we need as many as possible, so please do get involved!

Anyone with artistic skills (or those with none who want to have a go) can design posters incorporating the #HowYouDoing logo in some way. The more creative the better. 

We're asking that posters can be displayed A3 in size (no smaller), and use the green and orange #HowYouDoing logo in some way. Other than that, it's up to you!

* * *

To register as a #HowYouDoing workplace / submit a poster design / express an interest in getting involved in some other way, just email

Thank you to Northbank Talent Management and Beattie Group for your support. We rely on volunteers so check our our FAQs for other ways to help.


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How You Doing poster
How You Doing poster
How You Doing poster
How You Doing poster
How You Doing poster
How You Doing poster