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What's the #HowYouDoing campaign?

Find out more in Broadcast Magazine here. We rely on volunteers for support so please get in touch if you think you can help. Here's our three initial aims: 

We are asking colleagues across the industry to:

  1. ask and answer #HowYouDoing

  2. place over 1000 posters in 100 workplaces — remixing the #HowYouDoing logo

  3. get over 100 workplaces to add mental health information to staff materials, and commit to emailing all staff and freelancers about #HowYouDoing.

Find a selection of posters here

How do I design a poster?

We ask that poster designs can be displayed as A3 (i.e. they're created with this in mind), and that they use the green and orange #HowYouDoing logo in some way, even if you recreate / remix it. The rest is up to you!

Retro film-style posters, pop art, parodies, cartoons, words, images — the mroe creative the better. (Ideally we want people to *want* to have these hanging in their offices.)

We haven't quite figured out how to create a proper logo pack for people to download beyond the current simple mockup, so if anyone's up for helping us out please get in touch!

How can my workplace help?

Get in touch at for a workplace pack.

It can be as simple as contributing a design, printing a poster or committing to message staff once a year about their mental health. If you're short of ideas, just ask!

We're hoping to display all our #HowYouDoing workplaces on this site in future.

What other help does #HowYouDoing need?

We're glad you asked!

The basics: website design, poster submissions, social media support, help judging our competition entries and creating a workplace pack for organisations.

In our wildest dreams: poster printing (500 posters), flyer / sticker printing, a launch party venue, e-commerce and framing help (we'd love to sell some posters online to raise money for a mental health charity), envelopes and stamps for snail mail, a roll up banner for events, help setting up a crowdfunder.

Who is behind #HowYouDoing?

Broadcast agent James Carroll with the generous support of Northbank Talent Management and Beattie Group.

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